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hi im new to the site just wanted to say hi I have 3 veiled chameleon about 3 months old one is about 1/3 larger then the other two that are close to the same size is this a issue they are all brothers and all are feed the same also have the same lighting and plants I had kept them all in the same cage till last week was this to long I did research before I got them at 9 days old and read that the could be housed together until 4 months is this true
Hi and welcome to the Forums! I would definately split your boys into 3 separate cages as soon as you can. With one being 1/3 larger than the other 2, he's "bullying" (even if you can't see it) the other 2 to get more food, UVB, basking heat, etc. Separate them, and also make sure you put up visual dividers so they can't see each other. Even though they are brothers, just seeing each other will stress them out, and could cause death (I lost my first panther this way, unfortunately). If you put the cages in a line, so they are all next to each other, you'll only need 2 dividers, 1 between cages 1 and 2, and 1 between cages 2 and 3. Feel free to ask any other questions you need, and don't forget to check out the Chameleon Care Sheets on the Home page - they are filled with great info just to double check anything you need.
Thank you for your input they are all separated now so we will see how they do now im also looking to get a panther but want to master theses guys 1st maybe do some breeding with them since I hear that panthers are a little more difficult to care for
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