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So all of those posts you read about "you can't stop at one" are true. Started considering adding in October, but what to get??? Research, read, lurk, podcasts, etc.
Started my builds and finding a breeder about two months ago. Finished enclosures last month, and have spent the last few weeks fine tuning humidity, lighting, temps. Everything ready to go.
Made the jump last weekend, and arranged shipping for yesterday. Process was handled flawlessly by Mr Marks.

Introducing....Jenerra, and Floyd. Furcifer Lateralis 1.1

They got a nice long shower, and an all you can eat buffet of tiny cricket and fruit flies. Seemed to be settling in great and didn't want to just sit there staring(hard not to), so hopefully able to get some better pics in the next few days.

Enjoy the baby photos;)


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