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So I went to nerd with my 5 year old lil girl who absolutely loves our Yemens and her crested geckos...I asked the girl at the counter for a ambilobe and she had them and wanted 500 $ for a baby I was in shock because I really want a panther that I can pick out myself driving distance from Boston ...that kind of money is like whoa.....I can buy one on the forum for way less ...and she says they wouldn't be as good as hers matter of fact everything in their store is pricey.....but they take u on a tour of their breeding facility and OMG they have some really cool animals ...later peeps


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Perhaps their Balls are better than anyone elses, but to say their panthers are better than most of the breeders here, well, that's just laughable.......

For $500 you could get you a couple of very nice Panthers from most sponsors on this board.

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