Neonatal Caging ideas


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I guess I am really looking for some ideas on how to individually house 35 (I hope) neonatal chameleons?

I have read quite a few write-ups on the net already. I guess I am looking for some input from some people who have already been here.

I guess two ideas I saw that I kind of like where one that used cricket keepers and another that used milk jugs.

I guess as a first timer I will feel more comfortable being able to moniter them one by one as aposed to several in one cage.
Hi Jordon,

I use tall sterilite containers with snap on lids for neonates. I cut out the top of the lid with a rotozip and replace it with screen. As they grow older, I move them to more ventilated rubbermaid containers.. basically, ones with sections on the sides cut out and replaced with screen. They are versatile, inexpensive, and easy to clean. I hang reptisun 5.0's from the shelf above, and then the containers can be easily removed, misted, etc. I house 3 or 4 neonates to a container initially, and then back it down to 2 as they grow. I constantly check for differences in growth rate and change around roommates to similar sized neonates.

Furniture.. I keep it simple. I use reptile carpeting for the bottom to keep standing water from being a problem. Wal-Mart has fake vines for a couple dollars, and then a small live plant or two in the center. Vines wash very well in the dishwasher, as does the carpet. I change them to a new box every third day and clean the old box. I do it by a schedule.. I do 1/3 every day, and have enough extra containers on hand that I can just switch everyone over and then wash all the furniture and the containers for the next day.

One of the things you will contend with housing them seperately is getting them all under UVB lighting. I can fit 4 containers under one 4' reptisun bulb.

Interesting topic.. would love to hear how other people are doing it.

Here's a picture of mine from a few years ago. I still do it similar, but in slightly bigger cages, and I have always kept them in small groups. As long as you arrange them by size every week or two, you shouldn't have many problems - especially with veileds. They're not too tricky as babies.

Has anoyone seen screen cages smaller than the following:

16" x 15" x 20"
16" x 16" x 20"
9" x 16" x 16"
12" x 14" x 24"

Any help would be great.
The ones in my picture are 9x16x16 and I could make them smaller, but I think they're a little too small already unless you're keeping a single baby in them. They're expensive that small (getting screens that small tight enough is a pain), so they're not really realistic for raising individual babies.
Thats the idea Tyler, individual housing for up to a four month period.
Full front screen doors. PVC bottom.
And if its easier, one or two PVC sides.

Obviously I'd be looking for a bulk amount, so it should be fairly worth someones while to make up a new template to do that many.
Hey Jordan, I've been saving up milk cartons. I will box them al together and put a combo small mesh for mist catching/drinking and keeping fruit lies in, and a larger mesh for UV lights and door sections. Can you visualize it? Eack carton/container will have it's own manzanita perches and pothos plants inside. It will be like a city or honeycomb of the things. Do you have time to save up cartons? I'd be willing to send you mine with prototype set up for the postage cost if you are egg ready and need them? Let me know.
Tygerr, its 1/16" PVC board.

Ok, so that would be the same expanded PVC board that Chris Anderson used in his DIY cage tutorial?

So far I've only been able to find one supplier of it near me, but it was really expensive. They had perspex for much cheaper. How do the two materials compare (perspex vs PVC board)?
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