Need some help. New animal with burn scars. Please see pixs.


i bought a male 12 month panther old from this forum and i got him in today.

i am very worried about this guy! he look very healty and everything.

color is amazing please keep in mind that pix is 2 mins out of the box.

but these burn marks are horrible there is 3 of them and the knees look like that of a 8 year old adult. please keep in mind i was told he had a scar 1/8" big that is all when i asked out the helth.
what should i do, what can i do for him, will this go away, does anybody have pic one that healed.

should i have any concerns?

please input? need some feedback before i go crazy.
Silvadene topical crream should help those burns. The knee could be a burn but it really looks like a bruise to me. It looks like something you'd see on a wc adult. Im not saying he's wc but its consistent with an imported specimen.
Thanks, he is a Q son from Chameleon Company and the burns look more like old scars. should i still put silver on them?
Ive never applied it to old burns that were already healed up. So I cant say whether it would help much at this point, that is if the burns look healed and are just scars. It may get better with time after each successive shed.
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