Need Some Advice, Please!


Hey there everyone, my panther chameleon is almost 3 months old and I'd like him to get more comfortable with me. He hand feeds sometimes, but not all the time. The few times that he does eat out of my fingertips, he hesitates a lot lol When my hand gets close to him he doesn't run away or turn dark colors, which I assume means that he's not scared. He does, however, take a step back and just stare at me for a good while. Only when I put my hand under him will he occasionally climb on. When he does climb on me I try to put him down outside of his enclosure so that he can explore, but he remains frozen on my hand. What would you guys recommend I do for my little cham to be more comfortable? Should I refrain from trying to pick him up and just keep trying to associate my hand with food more? Or should I keep trying to get him on me so that he gets used to me? I'd greatly appreciate everyone's input!
Hand feeding worked really well for our panther...He was VERY hesitant and it took a good 2 months to get him to be completely comfortable with us handling him. We associate our hand with food or something that he enjoys (going outside, on the free range, or in the shower) anytime we handle him, we reward him. As far as your guy taking a step back when your hand is in the cage, move very slow...bring your hand up, don't come at him from the top of the cage. It will take him time to realize what you want, but make it a routine. Do things the same every time :)
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