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Right now, the basking side of my cage only gets to about 80 or so degrees Fahrenheit. I read Veiled's need it to be around 90-100 degrees. Right now I have 3 lights total lol. 2 lights for heat, and the Reptiglo 8.0. 1 light has a 60 Watt bulb, the other has a 75 watt bulb. This is starting to look like a firehazard now lol, its getting out of hand. The bulbs are just regular flood light bulbs, but I was looking at some different kinds online and at the local pet store and was wondering what bulbs give off the best heat? Or how can I increase the heat?

To get to 100* in my chameleon's cage I use a 100 watt reptisun bulb (I used a 60 watt first, but I had a *really* hard time getting the temps up to 100*), with one of those metal dome reflectors. I also have a 60 watt ceramic bulb that I use as needed, also with the metal dome reflector. For some reason the temperatures fluxuate in his cage and some days he needs it to reach 100*, and some days he doesn't.
Thanks for the reply. My thermometer was bad, I bought a new one and it says around 100 degrees or so. I will be purchasing a 100watt reptisun bulb though since 3 heating lights is a big firehazard :D
For heat I usually use regular house bulbs and will change wattage depending on outside temps. It does not get very cold where I live, so this is usually enough. In very rare occasions I use a ceramic bulb.
when i needed more heat in my cage i hook my lamp on the inside of the cageand protected the lamp from the chameleonwith screen within in an hour the cage the basking branch was at a hundred and the rest of the cage was at a temp between 85 and 90
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