Need help with feeding Cham


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Ive had mine for about 9 months now, and just found this forum. I want to see what you all think would be the best way to feed my Veiled.

She is around a year old and, the pet store I got her from said feed her as many crickets until she stops eating them, every 3 days. I didnt do that, I feed her about 8-10, every other day.

Should I be feeding her everyday, and how many. All she gets is just crickets, what veggies and fruits Could I try feeding her, and what about her getting water, what is best for that.

As you can see I need some help, so let me know!!

Thanks alot
8-10 every other day is probably fine. Does she eat the plants in her cage? Dark leafy lettuces, collard greens are a good thing to try. You can offer silkworms, they are a great feeder. You can set up a dripper or misting system, or hand mist her for water. I am still hand misting and standing there spraying each cham several times a dayfor several minutes is making me think serioulsy about a Promist system!
I feed every morning, I think my Jackon's expects it now. But I only feed one at a time on the "cricket run". Usually he will eat about 4-5 depending on how gut loaded each one was. When he isn't making moves to snatch them up, I just stop. Sometimes he will only get excited for 2 crix..then the next day he will eat like 8.

Up until recently I was using the cricket pellets with fresh veggies as a gutload. But I saw this manufactured gutload that a few members here are recommending. Looks like superfood to me! And thats all they use.


If you do get a mister, get the promist. I tried the Rainmaker and I don't think it was meant for reptile husbandry. The promist is far superior in many ways.
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