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Hi all we have x 2 chams one male one female around 12 months old , we have had chams for years with no problems at all so the set up is all good .

We have a vets appointment for tomoz for the female but was looking for some help and advice in the mean time ??

She became gravid a few weeks ago and laid her eggs 2 days ago with no problems at all but since then all she has done is sit on the bottom , her legs also seem to be acting strange like she is still digging or miss jointed ? we keep giving her warm soaks and mist her regular , we think it may be calcium she requires from what we have read from the internet is this correct and what's the best and fast way to get it to her ???

this is also her first clutch of eggs .

Thanks in advance for your time
She seems to be ok in her self and has lots of grip in her front and back feet but her front legs are wobbly like there is no strength in them
What calcium schedule is she on? It sounds as if the eggs have taken everything out of he and a mix of calcium and vitamins with water should help.

How old is her uv and what make is it?
Hi there , she has x 2 uv both are repti glow 10 one is around 3 months old and the other a little older ,

We dust food every other day with a Komodo premium supplement .

do you recommend mixing the supplement with water and try to hand feed her it ? is the normal supplement ok or should we get some calcium on its own ?

Thanks simon
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