Nahla the Yemen


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Hey guys
I am so pumped rite now my baby just ate a huge cricket that's been roaming her terrarium's the first cricket she's ever had..if anyone remembers she didn't eat for so long and then she ate some flies I caught I went upstairs and she was sizing up this cricket and I'm like c'mon girl eat it and it took her like 3 shots she got really aggressive and just beasted it ..this is a real load off my mind ...this girl is so tricky and she's making me work hard too take care of her..just wanted to share this breakthrough .im so happy..have a good day


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I am glad to hear she is making progress... Congrats, I know the feeling. :D

If I remember correctly, she was keeping one of her eyes closed. How is that doing?


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Her eye has been open for a while now it's ok she is such a good vieled...I want her to grow and be hAppy thanks for reply
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