Mystery bumps from a re-home

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Cham48, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Cham48

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    Hey guys I recently re-homed a new panther cham, the previous owner said from his plants he would eat some peepble sized rocks that were at the top of the plants over the substrate and that he would bypass them out also they would leave the crickets in there. Hes a shy boy likes to be hand fed. I was curious what the two bumps are on his side are and what's inflammation on his lip is. Texture of the bumps are pretty tough they move with the skin and causes him no harm kinda like a pimple.

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  2. Tiosk

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    The ones on its sides may be cysts but I don’t know about the mouth. Either way, get to the vet.
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  3. JacksJill

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    The mouth concerns me the most right now. Does the inside look normal? if there is any sign of mouth rot you will need a vet.
    I would watch the bumps on the sides closely to see if they grow. If so you should get it checked out. If it is an old scar it may shrink with the next shed.
  4. Cham48

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    Month looks normal. Compared to my other chams it seems on track just enlarged. Update on the wart or bump on his side he had sheded last night and I saw the bump turned into a small hole and found a piece of shed with a green piece of gube on it about the size of a little bead. The hole seems fine and clean should I put anything on guy to clean out his exposed hole?
  5. JacksJill

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    Silvadene (Silver sulfadiazine) cream is safe to use on chameleons and can prevent bacterial and fungal infections. A weak dilution of Chlorhexidine solution is good for wound cleaning if necessary.
    I would keep the habit of checking his mouth when ever he lets you.
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