My very first crestie hatchling!

Miss Lily

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Today, I finally got to meet my first ever crestie hatchling! This egg is 95 days into incubation and weighed 4.7g earlier today. Here are a few pics and a video of Spluffie #1! :D Looks like a teeny tiny version of its Daddy!

Congrats!!!!! I love the pics. My first Crestie eggs hit the incubator last week :) Update us as they get bigger!
Congrats I can't wait till mine hatches!!! I had two but one of them died:( the shell turned all yellow and didn't grow at all. I was a hundred percent sure that it was dead before I threw it out plus it started getting fuzz on it:(
Spluffie number 2 hatched earlier this evening! I didn't catch this one hatching though - it was completely out of the egg when we found it! This one looks like Buffie!

Tiff it is so nice to see the babies both here and on facebook. That way I can see those babies I want so bad. If only you were close, I could get a very little angel from you. I really want one.:(
Congrats on your new additions! I must have missed this thread earlier, but you have 2 little cuties on your hands now! Good luck with them! :D
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