My Sweet, Sweet Boy Wilson


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Wilson has been with us a little over two weeks now. He is 20 weeks old and weighs 20 grams. Wilson has settled in nicely and is such a sweet boy. We are already in love with him!

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Awesome! Showing some nice blues

Thank you!

He’s so beautiful! Congrats Jann! 😍😍😍

Thank you Emily!
What a handsome guy you have!

Thank you!

Such a handsome little man! Is he a Nosy Be?

Thank you Vikki! Wilson is Ambanja that was gifted to me from Leigh Hrutkay. She breed a Stanley look alike for me. Do you remember my boy Stanley that passed two years ago?


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Stanley passed just before I joined the forum, but I just looked up his pics. He was a beauty!
You triggered my memory…I had one of those, “ohhh” moments. Wilson is the chameleon that James drove to you. No doubt he’ll grow into a gorgeous and very sweet man-cham. 🥰
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