Wilson is One Year Old Today 3/28/22


Chameleon Enthusiast
Happy Hatch Day to my handsome boy Wilson. Wilson weighs 104 grams and is so very sweet! Wilson had a hornworm and two grasshoppers for his hatch day treat, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Happy Hatch Day sweet boy!







Chameleon Enthusiast
So handsome... I love how panthers lick everything.

Thank you Becca! Wilson is a real sweetheart. Did you notice how he has several hearts on his left side?

Congrats handsome boy 💙

Same here and also Boehmei’s do this, however not as much as a Panther

Thank you for the nice compliment!

Happy hatch day Wilson!💙💚

Wilson and I thank you for the hatch day wishes.

Happy Hatch Day Wilson! Love that color blue! He’s so beautiful! 🥰

Thank you for your kind words about Wilson and the Hatchday wishes.

Happy hatch day♡♡ such a pretty boy

Thank you for the hatch dad wishes and the nice compliment!

Happy hatch day Wilson!
Looking handsome!

Thank you Lynda! Wilson is blushing with all these compliments. 😍

Belated happy hatch day Wilson

Wilson and I thank you for the hatch day wish!
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