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Here is my set up that I have put together over the past several months, I’ve spent many hours thinking and designing it. Please let me know if anyone sees anything that needs to be tweaked. I don’t officially own a chameleon yet so there is still time for improvement. I have everything plugged into my cart and 1 plug that actually plugs into the wall. I had to replace several of the power cords because they were too short to reach the plugs in my cart, it’s crazy how many devices have short cords! I have 2 Dragon Strand XL breeder series cages, 1 Arcadia 12% T5 lamp, a 50 watt heat lamp, mist king mister, and a Big Dripper per cage. I’ve got another post with the rest of the pics because you can only post 10 per post.



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Looking freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am going to suggest something that I just found out about. Do yourself a favor and your future cham by getting a dimming thermostat. It will control your basking heat level so that your ambient air should it go up or down will keep the light at the exact programmed temp so you don't have to worry about too little or excessive heat. I had no idea about these existing and have been a crazy lady adjusting the basking fixture all day with its dimming switch for the last 5 months. @SharpShooter posted about these and I was so thankful! Totally worth the money for the peace of mind and the health of your future little dudes or dudettes lol.
I have ordered this one because it can run two heat lamps should I ever get a second cham.
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