My sad news and my good news


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I bought two w/c Kenyan pygmy chameleons a year ago, and was sad to find my female dead about a month ago. When I asked around about what could have happened, I was told that they only live about 2 1\2 years and that she could have just been old. Well I changed a few things in the tank to try and keep my male healthy and happy, got rid of the soil in case my female was impacted and got rid of the waterfall (which they loved to drink from) in case of bacteria. Now my male is starting to fail. He has lost weight and is not interested in his crickets anymore. I`m having a heck of a time finding a vet who is interested in seeing him. I want to make him eat or give him something to stimulate his appetite. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!
OH MY GOODNESS! I almost forgot the good news. I found a baby about an inch long in with my male! I think about how many times I`ve taken everything out of the tank and cleaned with the little guy just clinging on for his dear life! Lucky I never lost him! I think I will call him
yes, unfortunately these guys don't live very long, average life span is sub 3 years... considering if yours did come in as adult WC pygmies then you have done a great job keeping them for the itme you did.... even better you ended up with a CB baby and didn't even know .. so id say you obviously were doing something right.

Good job.
Thank you, Sang. My little baby is such a nice surprise. As for his weak father... is there any suggestions that might help? I hate seeing him waste away and so lethargic. I tried to interest him in a cricket I put in a syringe and put the juice on his mouth, but no go. Argh! Poor fellow! I named my little gift Chiumbo... little creation in Kenyan. He is so cute and I want to make sure he has a really good life with me.
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