My princess is shedding so just a few questions


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So I got my baby girl about two weeks ago and I noticed last night that she looked like she was shedding. I know with snakes humidity is extremely important during this time, is this the same with chameleons? How long does this process usually take? Is there anything I need to do to help? Thanks for all the help! Hereis a few link for some pics of her. Also her name is squishy. Thanks again!
Hey, Welcome to CF.

During the shedding process people usually add a extra mist or two a day to ensure the shedding goes well.
The lenght of the shed will depend on the chams age (when my cham was 3 months old it took maybe an hour or two) but with older chams it can take a day or more.
A higher humidity during shedding is really helpful for them. An extra misting or two a day should do the trick.

She appears to be a juvenile, so the shed should take a day or two.

By the way, she is adorable! I love her name :)
Ok, I'm unsure on her age but when I got her the store said they had her for about a month and she grew a lot during this month, apparently she was tiny when they got her. So my guess is around 4-6 months old. A few days is good to hear, I was a bit worried mainly because I'm going out of town next week and while I have somebody to watch her, feed/mist, daily I don't have anybody to make sure she's shedding alright. Thanks for the help!
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