My other pet, the mantis shrimp.

i had one for years.. his name was Igor....
here's a pic of him not the best but you get the idea...
id tap on the glass and he'd come out for a bit if shrimp or krill.. sometimes id toss a few hermit crabs or snails in there for him. he'd dash out and grab one then dash back into his burrow... soon id hear the relentless knocking coming from the tank as he busted open the shell and retrieved its contents!!!

Very cool, but those things really freak me out! My roommate had a nano saltwater tank and had one, but finally he sold him back to the fish store. It was neat tong-feeding him, but a little creepy - and I'm not a squeamish person! :D
Those things are the craziest animals ever. I mean their eyes? Their strike? Insane. I've always wanted one, I hear they're surprisingly smart!
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