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Well.. I know little about chameleons. I did a lot of research, and just bought this 7 inch long (with tail) male from reptilesncritters dot com.

I have officially named him 'Jen', after the male gelfling from 'The Dark Crystal'... but sometimes i like to call him Bobo, or Tuco, Alonzo, or Xerxes, Zell, or Ty Cobb.

He was trying to get out of the enclosure for the first half of yesterday... now he seems to have settled down, and isn't hiding so much. Just very curious.

I have no idea how old he is, but seems to be just over four inches in length minus the tail.. so 7 all together? Any ideas?

His color is green with gray... and i have seen no color changes.. is this normal?

Also... on the top of his back, maybe you can see... is a 'crusty' gray spot... not sure if its a skin shed extra or a fungal infection. He also looks kinda skinny. Maybe not?

I read about bowlegged chameleons and I'm not sure exactly what that means. His front legs never stick out to the side, although his back legs do sometimes...

Just curious if anyone with expertise can answer any of these questions:

general health, fungal, bowlegged, age... what size i should expect him to grow to... and about color changes.


ive had two jacksons in the past. they dont do alot of color changing but he should be a nice rich green
ok.. i will tell you more.. but really... im looking for answers to the above questions, so not to be rude.. but i dont see as how that relates to anything... as i just acquired him yesterday.

Zoo med - Naturalistic Terrarium.. its not so large, and doesn't have the best air flow.. but it is only temporary. Its outfitted with many plastic plants and great wood stick i gathered from the river (and boiled to kill parasites)... plenty of places to hide and climb on

Zoo med - Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture with 60watt Regular Daylite Bulb, and 60 watt Red Nightlite bulb.. hung from zoo med terrarium light stand. Lights about 12 inches from top of cage.

Temp near top.. daytime - 90 degrees. nighttime - 80 degrees.

Humidity.. do't have thermometer for it yet... thoroughly misting three times a day.

Planning on bigger/airier enclosure... drip system and misting system.

Any ideas on a better setup are welcome.. but im mostly interested in his health/size/age/color at the present time.

is he ok? and do these guys turn brighter colors?
glad you are planning on the drip system. these guys like alot of water and humitity. im not seeing any info on your uv lighting. but he definately doesnt need the red night light. it messes with their sleep.
he's super cute. i think it looks like left over shed on him so he needs more humidity. his color does look a little dull thats the only reason im asking about lights and humidity
Welcome to the forum. First thing you should do is drop his temps, 90 is too hot for him. His basking spot should be in the low 80's with an ambient temp in the mid 70's in the day and they like a good drop in temps at night with no light at all. He also needs uvb, a 5.0 linear bulb is best to imitate sunlight. That might have something to do with his color. mine is usually a vibrant green unless I disturb him and sometimes not even then does he change.
the uvb is extremely important. that is the one that that replicates the sun. it sounds like you only have yhe one for heat. and yes total darkness at night. the red bulbs are for temps dropping below 60 at night which im sure it doesnt in your house. you must get a uv bulb quick.
ok.. so the double light fixture i have.. and the two bulbs.. need more.

good... so.. get rid of the red one... and keep the regular one.. for UVA ?

then.. add a fluorescent uvb?

will that screw in to my fixture? can i get one at petsmart?

the most recommended uvb bulbs will not fit your fixture. Linear uvb bulbs are long starting at 15". I go to Wal Mart and buy an 18" fixture for $6 and then just use the uvb bulb in it. You have to make sure you take of the plastic cover from the fixture as it will block the uvb rays. these are the bulbls you need. You can also get an 8" dome clamp at wal mart and use a regular 60 w house bulb for heat. If you can, take the double sided fixture back and get the 18 in fixture and dome clamp light. this is how i keep mine and he is doing great. only difference is i dont have the heat light lying o the top anymore, I keep it clamped and at an angle.
good luck. let us know how hes doing. i would take him in the real sun today also if its warm and sunny where you are to help him from recover from the days without it. you have to have that uvb bulb but nothing beats the real deal. good luck
if you should take him outside, do NOT leave him unattended and make sure it's not too hot outside... he will gape at around 82 degrees at least mine does and then i put him in the shade to cool down
def take caution with him outside.

Cage:24x24x48' SCREEN cage lots of rope, vines and live plants if you can. live plants will help with the humidity. make sure you cover the soil with screen. put cage as high up in the room as you can. not near any vents, fans or windows.

Lighting: 5.0 reptisun or reptiglo linear tube (length depends on cage size)/house hold bulb for basking. the house bulb watt will depend on how far your nearest branch is from the light and your ambient room temps.
***change bulbs every 6 months.

Temps: basking temp around 78* / ambient temps 72* measure by digital guages.

Hydration: manual spray 2-5 minutes/2-3 times a day. provide a dripper.

Feeders: gutload (24 hours before feeding) with fresh veggies and fruits and once a week with sticky tongues gutload. Crickets, mealworms, superworms, silkworms, hornworms, dubai roaches, reptiworms, BB flies.
You guys are all awesome. I love you all..

if i could bake each one of you an individualized ice-cream cake with fat maraschino cherries and hazelnut nut crunchies and piping gel lizard designs on it... i would.

I'm broke tho..

And so, I will keep you all informed ...

yesterday i noticed one of my chameleon's eyes had shut... his color turned darker.

late yesterday afternoon... i dropped in the 5.0 reptisun uvb... left it on all night... and his eye is now open again!

although... his color is still dark. he is right at the top of the cage soakin' up every bit of that fake ass sunlight.

I have also boxed off several sides of his cage.. to keep him concealed and away from any stress.

will continue with updates.. and as i stated before, thank you all so much..
chameleon is doin better... and better. green color commin back..

another question though..

the uva reptisun 'heat' bulb keeps the temps too high in the tank (over 85)

i switched it out with the red night bulb.. so durin the day im runnin the 5.0 uvb and the 60watt red bulb..

is that ok? or should i go back to the heat bulb? or is there another bulb i should get?
Try a lower watt bulb (maybe 40) in your fixture, the 60 is too strong. Just pick up a regular light bulb. Don't bother with the red light. And don't leave the lights on at night, he needs to sleep in darkness.
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