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I got this for my chameleon "Fernando" 4ft tall x 3foot wide x 18"s deep

to this:

to this:

all i got to say is nice! i see you have a way for air to get in but is that there is not enough ventilation for your chameleon? also how are you misting your cage? hand or hand spraying. im not sure if you have a drainage system or not i just can not tell in the pictures. do you have a bedding on the ground of the cage? if so i would remove it again i cant make it out. other than these little things a very nice set up just beware of the glass ive heard bad things about using glass with chameleons. well good luck
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WOW that thing is huge that is one ritzy chameleon but i would say the same doesnt look to be alot of ventilation. thats my only concern
I feel the same way about the ventilation and about the bark at the bottom. That really isnt a good idea. have you consisered making the glass from into screen??
I used a jigsaw and cut almost all of the lid off and attatched very fine wire mesh to the top for extra ventilation...Why should i remove the bark?? (repti-bark) from the bottom..I was told to use that..he had it in his last terrarium...Is it bad for him??
I mist the tank and him with a spray bottle.. he seems to have got used to that and quite likes it..there is no drainage.. i dont soak it that much
What would you recommend i put in the bottom??
Thanks guys
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i personally dont have any thing on the bottom, but you could use paper towels to help for easier cleaning. The bark is a threat because if a JUICY CRICKET is walking in it, and the temptation makes him go for it he could injest some bark. This could lead to impaction, and other problems! So, probably not the best idea.

i just use cage liner and it works fine i once found my cham going for a cricket and got atiny piece of bark with it. If the bark was any bigger it could have been a major problem. The bark and any other loose bottom is just not that good of an idea. Its good that you are so open to our help.
Its good that you are so open to our help.

Very true! I think that by you asking questions and being open to responses is only going to help you to ensure that your chameleon has a good expierience in his new enviorment. Also, in the long run, this will lead to a longer and happier, risk free life for your chameleon
A quick thing on the ventilation you could use 80mm computer fans, about 3-5 $ a piece and run them in a series on the vents you cut, they are low cost and low noise and would help your ventilation as well...I was told the same about the reptibark , it is designed to absorb moisture and put it back into the atmosphere and raise humidity... however it gives crickets and lost meal worms or whatever a place to burrow and hide... Nice craftsmanship!!! I really like the little things you did as well as the branches and stuff inside...Maybe the glass top would be good and the bottom part screen or vice versa?
No glass on top as was suggested, UVB will not pass through glass. Also, how does anyone keep from soaking a cage with water with as much water as chameleons need to be misted with?
I have fine wire mesh on top (lid) of tank..which my bulb is resting on.. I think i will remove the lower glass and swap it for mesh netting as suggested..
My chameleon is a good drinker.. when he was younger i had to give him water through a syringe and squirt it gently into his mouth when he opened it as he wasnt drinking any other way.. One other concern i have now is now that hes into his big tank ( 1 day only now ) i went down to him this morning and he's flared up showing his angry colours,mouth wide open and hissing louder than hes ever hissed before and trying to attack me.. He wont let me near him or in his tank..Is this purely him being territorial of his new surroundings..? Before he couldnt wait to get out and climb onto me.. :(
One thing you might want to do is create screen doors for the cage. He might be catching his reflection and puffing up because of it. That way you could get good ventilation and not stress him out. Some kind of solid plastic bottom with a drainage system ould be great. Nice cage-I would love to have some more furniture type cages, but would love to build on a reptile room even more! The whole getting them to drink thing always stressed me out, but some of mine just need alot of spraying to realize there is water around. Do you have any pics of your cham?
Very nice looking cham! He looks good and healthy! Your phone takes great pics! Thanks for sharing! :)
Sony Ericsson K800i 3.2mp
My pleasure thanks for all the positive feedback and advice guys
really appreciated
He might be catching his reflection and puffing up because of it.
That was exactly what I was going to say... Another way to increase airflow with your vents you installed would be to use 80 mm computer fans... they are very low voltage, (5-7) and are only around 3-5$ are very quiet and inexpensive... and will get air flowing... Did you build this cage or buy it somewhere?
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