My New Cham- Dexter

Hello all, I've always lurked on this forum before and was able to get back into the hobby of cham keeping. I recently got this boy from Kammerflage about a month ago and he is almost at 4 months now. He still seems pretty scared of me and always freaks out whenever I hand mist him and clean his home, but hopefully that will go away soon. Any advice or info I'm all ears.

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Panther
  • Handling - Never
  • Feeding - About 10-12 dusted small crickets per day, 5-6 superstorms per week.
  • Supplements - Repashy calcium plus about once per week and repcal 0% D3 every feeding
  • Watering - Constant dripper, and hand misting twice per day 5 minutes. Have seen him regularly drink water off the leaves.
  • Fecal Description -white
  • History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you.
Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 18' 18' 36' Screen enclosure
  • Lighting - Arcadia 6% UVB, T5 HO hood, incandescent 50w heat bulb, lights on at 0800-2000 with timer.
  • Temperature - Basking spot at 85 degrees, lowest branch in enclosure at 72, measured with a temp gun. Night time temps about 68.
  • Humidity - 50-60, using a reptifogger to help.
  • Plants - Pothos, zamioculcas, and fake leaves.
  • Placement - Corner of house, by window, no vents or fans.
  • Location - San Diego, Ca
Current Problem - No real problems. The only issue I am a little worried about is that he will go to his sleeping vine at around 5pm and stay there until the lights go out. I constantly check to make sure that he is not sleeping, and sure enough, he is just hanging down there looking around. The last pic is his usual sleeping spot.


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Good look’n little guy, my little guy is from the Kammers too he’s about 5 months old now and still super territorial in his cage. Keep up hand feeding him and eventually he will calm down.
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