My girl Not Looking Good HELP!!! (have pic in!!!)


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - 15 months old veiled female, under my care for 14months

Handling - Almost never
Feeding - I feed crickets(meal of fruits and vegetables) and silkworm

Watering - A dripper/msiting.(she drinks almost every 2or3 day)

Fecal Description - Quite normal
History - i feed her 15 months,she mating and lay 60 eggs 3 months ago.
Cage Info: 80CM *60cm*50CM
Cage Type - Aluminum screen
Lighting - UVB 5.0 and a Heat lamp
Temperature - 70-85ish
Humidity - 30-55%
Plants - vegetation (Fresh)

Placement - In a Sun Room, on a table (120CM high)

Location - Beijing China

I found she has a big neck since 2 months ago when she lay eggs .but this symptom more and more serious!!!NOW she almost need mouth breathing.
I suspicion there was a problem with her thyroid gland !!!she is keeping
a good appetite and vitality now ~~

In my city ,there is no veterinary can save chameleon...please help her~~~



Here is some pic of her


Note to the experts: I was only able to view the pics by right clicking the icons and opening them in new tabs.

It seems there is some sort of edema, but I have no clue what to suggest for that.
Do you dust the insects with supplements (calcium, vitamins, etc.)?

Edema can be caused by organ failure or oversupplementing...and likely from other things too. Mouth breathing along with edema can point to organ failure. I am not a vet and can not tell you why she has it...but if its getting worse she needs to see a vet. (I know you said there are no vets for chameleons.)
"Do you dust the insects with supplements (calcium, vitamins, etc.)?"

Yes i do !

i have 7 chams ,4 panthers ,3 veiled,
they are all healthy except this one ,,,,
this is a matter in which ive been dealing with my cham. this is gular edema and can be cause by Hypo & Hyper-Vitaminosis. too much or too little of vitamin A the prE-formed in which Kinyonga was speaking about can cause the swelling in the neck. A way to distinguish what her vitamin levels are would be to bring her in for a blood sample. the closest vet would not sample her as he has never taken blood from a chameleon, but has dealt with chameleons numerous times for other issues. i need to drive further to get my veileds blood tested. she did however, went through a week of vitamin A & D medication. one drop every other to every 3 days. she is starting to clear up but is starting to heal naturally.

offer water through a dripper all day, constant drinking of the water will help flush not all or even a lot, but slowly by slowly it will start minimizing and flushing the extra vitamins away.

gutload using great ingreadients, becareful what ingredients you are using. use more sources of beta-carotene as your vitamin A substitue. dust once or twice a month with calcium D3 and Multivitamin.

In my own preference, i use all Rep-cal brands for my supplimenting. only use very little of the D3 calcium, but the herptivite is great no Vitamin A but beta carotene, and the calciums are phosphorus free. you dont want suppliments with phosphorus in it. the phosphorus in the feeder should be in balance with your calciums.

hope this helps and gives you more of a inch towards getting your girl better!
i just want to add that, seeing as she just laid eggs (same case as mine), she is most likely depleted of the vitamins she needs, she is most likely hypo-vitaminosis. please still try and get a blood sample.

i also want to say that my chameleon wasnt able to use the tongue for a couple weeks. with closer balancing, her tongue is 95% healed back to perfect.
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