My dog attacked my cham ! !


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Something tells me your lovebirds weren't at your neighbors house, which means the cat was where it wasn't supposed to be. this may sound bad, but he had it coming(ok, ok, the cat was just being a cat, but your neighbor deserved it for not keeping the cat where that wouldn't happen).
KILLING a neighbours cat (and not having the decency to even tell them) is NOT a reasonable response for a cat being in your yard and hunting a bird you released. The cat didnt know its not their yard, and didnt know you liked that bird.

Dude :D cats walk around everywhereXD, The cat was just being a predator.
Actually house smaller are more predatorious than the other types of felines like lions!!
Oh yeah it would be like you walking down the road and you found twenty bucks, you would go for it lol

Jeremy - Really glad to hear you chameleon and dog are okay! :)


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What an interesting thread, its like reading 'A child called it' whilst watching 'Life of brian' ...Sorry about your situation.


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I'm glad they are both ok but it just goes to show u cannot trust any animals together no matter how tame I know my cats would luv to see my cham outside hs flexi but its never gonna happen!!!
I agree with brad its something that needs to change
& omg if my cat went missing id be devastated so i don't find it a funny story at all


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i looked at daisy ( my dog ) she looks ok i think she is ok shes not limping now i think she was because of shock and im sure it did hurt at first. my cham is looking better all his color is back and his eyes are back out. he is walking around and has use of all his extrimities. i will take him to the vet tomarrow morning. he does have what looks like some brusing on his front and back leg but no actual puncture marks or bleeding. i felt on all his legs and down his spine and all feels good nothing feels broken. he dosent mind me feeling on him so i dont think hes in much pain if any. i think if something was hurt he would let me know.
My cham doesn't mind my girlfriends dog one big, the dog was a little curious in the beginning but hasn't done more than just sniff my cham, course our dog is a yorkie & chiuaua(sp?) mix so one might argue that at the time the cham was almost as big as the dog, at least in the dogs eyes...One thing our dog will do is play the pity card...If noone happens to be looking at him and your toes come down on top of anything of his, tail, leg, etc he'll let out a yelp like you just dropped a book on his ass and will proceed to limp around for as long as you give him attention...


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I have a great vet that could/has performed surgery on herps (and I live in MI :) ). I rescued a panther chameleon, and he put it under to take a better look at it's eye. Now I know it wasn't surgery, but isn't the anesthesia part the most dangerous?? I still think a vet is a good idea, they know what to look for, and even if it is hurt and won't make, then it could be put down instead of dying a slow death. I can't believe someone would come on here and advise of not going to the vet. I thought we were trying to get away from the mentality that chameleons are disposable pets and aren't worthy of being taken to the vet.
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