my DIY cages.. done.. were china hutches


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chameleons 031.jpg

chameleons 030.jpg

chameleons 029.jpg
what do you guys think?????
I have hidden under them my incubator.. and mist system..
thanks for the likes..:D i worked hard on these,, now for 2 more.. want to make cages for the females too.. then build a rack for the babies...
i do have another thread but it doesnt describe anything.. just pictures.. if you would like i can do a quick thread on here explainig them a little better..
They look so nice! I love cages that look like furniture, cages you can be proud to show off in your home :) And your guys look more than happy in them!
They are excellent, you have came a long way from where you started with these. Great job, makes the screen cages next to them look like crap. I would love some of those at my house. Do you have free delivery at 1000 miles away?:eek:
awww thanks was a fun project.. i know my chams like em.. im going to be building more here soon.. already got my eyes on 2 more almost 1,000 miles would be a fun drive..
Wooow very nice cages. I hope to have something like these one day. Pretty far from it as of right now. I too would like it if you were willing to start a thread about how you made them.
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