my china hutch cham cages


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i got these china hutches.. i instantly thought how cool they would be as cages.. so here they are in progress.. what do you think chameleons 025.jpg

chameleons 026.jpg

chameleons 027.jpg

chameleons 028.jpg
They all look like they will make great cham cages. Where did you get the cham in the left cage of the first picture? I wanted that type cham, is it for sale.:rolleyes:
lol.. yup for the right price.... ha ha.. my son cant wait for the babies to hatch.. hes dying for his own.....
does anyone know of a value on these cages.. if i was to sell them.. what would they be worth.. solid oak.. completly sealed.. new screen sizes are 24x17x48
I don't know what they might be worth but offer one in the classified. From where you are located you have access to lots of members.
How did you seal the inside? Are those linoleum tiles you stuck down for the bottom lineing? Not a bad idea if so and then you'd just need to caulk around the edges and drill some small holes for drainage. Pretty good display cages.
to seal the oak i used a outdoor primer sealer.. i did 2 coats... then used a outdoor hunter green wood paint.. and finally a clear coat to protect it all... it is lenolium but not the tiles.. it is one solid piece... yeah i need to figure out a drain system... any ideas...
We (ok, my husband) worked with a similar idea. He used the plexi-in-the-oven method that another member talked about. That would mean taking the bottom out of yours and replacing it with the plexi (with a drain), or building a lip around the inside, mounting the plexi on that and putting a drainage bucket on your bottom linoleum. We have a lip built on the inside, put a wire shelf in there and put our plant pots on there. The plexi is under that. Clear as mud?
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