My chameleons favorite spot to sleep is under her basketsing bulb


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Female 5 - 6 months old
Can you please post more pics of your girl... Her size and how she is holding her weight make her look much older then 5-6 months old.

Are you aware that females will lay eggs and have to have a lay bin in the bottom of their cage? Temps at basking should be more like 80 max to help control how many eggs she produces along with a limited feeding amount.


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My chameleon likes to sleep under her basketsing should I be worried is she not getting enough heat at night.
I hope/assume the light is off at night and that she's not sleeping during the day?

65F at night is a good temperature for night time.
80F is good for the day in the basking area for a female.

How many insects do you feed her in a week?
What supplements do you use and how often for each? How heavily do you dust the insects? Do you feed/gutload the insects well?

She looks like she's already full of I hope she has a proper egglaying bin in her cage at all times. She looks pretty plump. I hope she will lay the eggs alright.
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