My chameleon is.acting very strange


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I have a 4month old male veiled chameleon in a 4x4 ft glass enclosure humidity stays around 65% and temp is avg 80f. Over the past few days he has not been eating he is still drinking but will occassionaly eat a wood chip from the base of the enclosure he still shows varying colors and moves around constantly im very anxious and worried because a cricket will be right in front of him and he ignores it, and he shed about 1month ago. Please if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
You should fill out the form to ask for help.

Also, it is not recommended to have any kind of substrate on the floor. It should just be bare lined with paper towels or something.
He should not be eating anything off the floor of his cage! This can block or damage his intestines. I know you said he hasn't been eating, but have you noticed if he's straining or unable to poop?
The wood chips may be what is making him act strange. If your chameleon ends up not being able to pass the chips, you are going to have some major problems I am sorry to say. As others stated, please remove them asap!
is his basking temp only 80% If so, it needs to be warmer.

They need the warmth in order to be able to digest food.

And as others have said. eating non plant or bug matter is bad.

it can cause impaction.
thank u all very much, he is still pooping and is passing the chips. Im a new reptile owner and I was just following the advice of the salesmen, he is eating a little more and ive incread the temp to 85-90 degrees F, ive removed all of the substrate thanks again to everyone I love my chameleon sully and dont want anything to happen. I cant thank u all enough
That is great news that he is pooping and did not become impacted. I am so glad that you are following our advice and removing the chips.
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