My 7 month panther cameleons enclosure is this suitable??


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This is the terraruim in which i bought with him its what the pet shop ordered i had no input as to what enclosure he would have but was assured he wouldnt need ANOTHER 1 ghe whole time i ahve him its45×45×90cm by 18"×18"×36" x-tall exo terra natural terrarium with patented ventilation system is this any good for him or not please??? As was assured wouldnt have to get a bigger 1 once hes grown hes only 7 months old and ive had him a week


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That enclosure is too small at his size already. He should be using at least the 36x18x36 Exo Terra if you really want to use it. The proper enclosure has twice the room as yours. Also, it appears there is very little access to the top 2/3rds. Please fill out the how to ask for help form, and post more pictures. You will need to have the pet shop exchange the enclosures, they are very wrong.


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Classic case of the pet shop selling a customer a more expensive item that is not recommended for a particular animal...

24in x 24in x 48in tall enclosure is recommended for male panthers. You should also fill the enclosure with lots of plants and climbing vines and branches. Ill post an example of my male veiled enclosure for reference. Here is a couple links to read over as well:

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