Moving a male chameleon who would prefer not to be moved. Can this be done?

Benjamin E.

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Greetings, saurophiles!

As one does, from time to time I like to clean out my chameleons' enclosure. Well, I don't really "like to" do it, but I do it anyway. In order to effectuate this process, the scaly denizens within must first be extruded. This presents no problem at all for my fat, dumb, and happy female, who sanguinely accepts said retrieval, and will sit snugly on my shoulder for the duration of the process thereafter.

The little male ~<<&}+%, on the other hand, fights like he's defending Sparta! On good days, he'll sink his tiny claws into his branch so tightly that I'm afraid of breaking his tiny fingers trying to pry them off. On bad days, he puffs up and hisses, offering me a bountiful view of his little lizard trachea.

Now, I'm not afraid of being bitten by a wee toothless beastie such as he. What I am afraid of, is that I might reflexively "shake him off" my finger in surprise if he did bite me, which might break the poor little guy's neck.

So, any advice?

-- Ben

Benjamin E.

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When I need to move Mona and she is resistant I herd her onto a branch or vine and use that to transport her. I have also herded her onto the top of my head and moved her that way.

Wow! Fast service!

Sorry, should have used names. My veiled chams are "Princess Josephine" and "Changey" (my kids named them).

Tell me more about this "herding". If he's not going for it, can I just wedge a twig between Changey and the branch he's clinging to without hurting him and then move the twig, like you said? I know they're resilient critters -- this morning I had moved Princess Josephine from her egg bin, where she had just laid an impressive number of eggs, and put her under the lamps to warm up after her rough night. I then watched her transform herself from what can best be described as a deflated brown/green balloon with feet into her normal shape. It was really quite impressive. But still, they're not indestructible, and I'm a bit new to all this.

*Edit: I like the transfer idea, but I can't always move the branch he's sitting on, because some of them are permanently attached to the wall of the enclosure.
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