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HI, more questions! :eek: I'm now very intrigued (i think thats how you spell it) about Panther Chameleons lifespans. (Male) looking it up I have had "quotes" for lifespans in captivity of males ranging from 1-2 years to 10 years! the general average appears to be 5ish but how long in everyones opinion do your panthers hold out?

Is it very varied or are some keepers just rubbish, (i.e. they say 1-2 years cos they can't keep em alive!)

Hi Noah,

In the wild, the "known" average life span of a panther chameleon (Fucifer pardalis) is about 2 years. This is mostly attributed to the various encounters and exposures they have in a wild habitat, such as parasites, diseases, and the fact that they are prey to many other types of reptiles, birds, and animals.

In captivity, under proper care, equipment, and ideal captive environments, the average can range anywhere from 4-7+ years and I actually know someone who had a Nosy Be panther chameleon that lived 11 years (he is very experienced in reptiles). This is of course, for male panther chameleons. Female panther chameleons have a lot more stress on their bodies due to egg laying which decreases their life spans.

So... the better the equipment, the care, and health of your panther chameleon, the longer they will survive and live in captivity :).
thanks jenna, you do seem to be the oracle on panthers!!!

i thought about 4-7 years seemed correct, thanks for clearing that up for me!
The oracle

Wow jenna.....thats quite a compliment! But I must agree. You do an awsome job of answering q's on this forum. So I agree! Jenna the Panther Oracle!!

P.S. Could you tell me exactly when all my clutches will start hatching?? I'm just trying to plan out my advertising blitz and that would be very helpful. LOL.
Wow! :eek: Thanks for the great compliment! That's really cute :). Believe or not, I still learn new things every day!

I'm actually blushing :eek: :eek: :eek: .

Your welcome Noah, and remember I'm happy to answer any questions any time to the best of my ability :) .

And to the other other Noah (2x2) (sheesh, two Noah's on the same thread lol)... I'm working on it! I'm working on it! :D Man, waiting for panther chameleon eggs to incubate and hatch is definitely a challenge to the virtue of patience :rolleyes: .
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