more info on the pink panther plz


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Hi i was wondering if the pink panther chameleon, need special needs compared to other panthers.
All Panther Chameleons (Furcifer pardalis) are very adaptable and will respond well to the same general care that keepers give to each of their locales. If you are looking for specific info about the region to satisfy curiosity, then Adcham can give you some insight, Furcifer pardalis
As Will said above, all panther chameleons require the same care, habitat, and environments. The only difference about an Ankaramy (pink panther) chameleon is where it is located and found on the island of Madagascar and coloration. You can read more about the different locales and their relative geographical locations on my website at:

I find that the coloration differences of panther chameleons depending on geographical location fascinating. Very cool stuff. :)
Not only are locales definable by the location they are taken from, the colours they wear, but also, the proportion of their body. In general some locales might have larger bodies and smaller heads, others have longer tails. The ankaramys tend to have a very skinny head if you look down on it from the top.

If you are REALLY interested in catering to Ankaramys different than other panthers, then you could look into finding the climate of the specific area and compare it to how you are keeping your other locales successfully- providing more mist or less based on the annual percipitation and similar changes.

But as most would agree, the panther chameleon is a strong adaptable animal and they dont need special attention between the locales.
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