Mom I'm big!!! not so tiny tavetanum


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On a ruler she is Not just 1 1/2 inches, like i said with her last pictures

Way too much white Mom

This is a weird branch

Yeah a real branch

So I am growing, what is your problem??
Very nice! Mine are about the same size. How's the male doing?

Thanks Theresa, He is doing wonderful. He is now a year and she in 10 months. I am starting to consider breeding in a few months.:D That is scary with chameleons this small.
She is a Doll Laurie!

I think it is so funny how we aww over them growing and they could care less and give us a look as if we are crazy! Ok may be some of us are lol;)

I cant imagine just how little those babies are going to be!
Ok I am busted, I am a quilter. But hey you knew what kind of ruler that is so you must share my other addiction???
The little tav is just a charm to watch.:)

She's very cute and so big! Especially against that quilting ruler:)
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Yes, I share both of your addictions!
I think it's time for me to have a new baby chameleon:) Mine have all grown up and I love watching them hatch and then watching them grow and hunt of course!
Good size comparison!!! She looks much bigger than the last pic of her you posted!! She getting to breeding size. Id probably wait over a year though. Id say 4 to 5 more months and she should be a good size to breed.

K. tavetana females are so pretty. I love all the shades of greens, turquoise scales on top of the head and the electric like spots on them. Im so glad you and Theresas are doing so well!! I havent spoke to Tom Kilgore for a while. Hope his are doing just as well!!
You don't happen to be a quilter do you!!! lol I recognize that ruler!! he is so tiny and very cute!
Yes my other addiction besides chameleons is quilting. If i just had the money i have spent on chams & quilts, I could take one fantastic vacation. But would I change it?? No, i am hooked on both.

You don't happen to be a quilter do you!!! lol I recognize that ruler!! he is so tiny and very cute!
so damm big!!!! what ru feeding it small birds???? hollly geeeeze LoL
you the BEST Laurie!!!!
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