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So happy my new baby girl is home!!! :D
Mojo the iguana (previously named Sapphire) Has made it home! Sadly she arrived a day before her cage did. Thank god for all my spare tanks! Although since the last time I saw her, she has picked up a new habit of hissing):
I just her previous owners were just fet up with fostering her any longer.
Her new cage is coming in hopefully today. A nice comfy 4feet by 3 feet home. Needless to say, half my room is now taken up.
She had MBD and is making a steady recovery, her growth is stunned like nothing I've ever seen. Threes years old and is the size of an adult water dragon!
The good news is, when I got her home and placed her into her temp home, after licking every inch, ran straight to her food and took a big bite of spinach and grapes! ( She left everything else to the side).

If anyone has any tips to help me get her more comfortable with people, let me know! Any bit of advice will help.:)
She trusted me when I first went to go see her, letting me pet her and rub her dewlap as she drifted into a slumber. I guess her care has made a down fall since then and she no longer trusts anyone! I'll post some pictures up when her stress level is down and her cage gets here:)


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Lots of love and treats!!! :D Congrats on your new addition. I'd say just let her settle into her new enclosure when you get it set up, and then you can see how she reacts. Best of luck! They make awesome pets.


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Her new cage is here. I set it up with the basics, turned on her light and she walked straight to it and flated out as much as she could on the ledge under it! Haha so cute! Slowly going to start adding new plants and ledges in once my paycheck rolls around:)
She seems to be taking to the change nicely. Shes eating hasn't hissed at me or my cats. Just lays there enjoying life and apples haha! Although she did hiss when her previous owner came to see how she was settling in. What ever he did to her, she knows him and DOES NOT like him!
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