1. Kittiekins

    Mojo is hooome!!!!!

    So happy my new baby girl is home!!! :D Mojo the iguana (previously named Sapphire) Has made it home! Sadly she arrived a day before her cage did. Thank god for all my spare tanks! Although since the last time I saw her, she has picked up a new habit of hissing): I just her previous owners...
  2. Khwan Lin Enjoying Mango

    Khwan Lin Enjoying Mango

    Khwan Lin, Iguana, enjoying being hand fed mango by my adorable husband, Phil. Every woman should be so lucky! ;)
  3. Khwan Lin Iguana

    Khwan Lin Iguana

    We adopted Khwan Lin 4 days ago. She used to be part of an educational program used in schools to share the love of animals with children. She's a free-roamer by day and kept in a large cage at night. She is so loved.
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