mixed signals


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I've got a female Nosy Be that is confusing the hell out of her male friend.

She seems receptive, so I have put her in with the male on 3 occasions within the last few days. I've tried him in her cage and i've tried her in his cage.

Whats happening is that, right from the beginning , she displays aggressive colours, ( a mix between partial and total black), for the whole day or two that they are together, but she acts receptive the whole time. She walks past him , with her tail high in the air . She will do this repeatedly, often crawling under him as she passes by, but never loses the unreceptive colouration. She doesn't puff up or attempt to strike him with her neck.

The poor male doesn't know what to do. He looks confused ...
The male is about 8 months and he female is about 1.5 years old.

The male previously displayed head bobbing with another female about a month ago, but has no interest in this girl
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