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I just recently purchased a Chameleon. The people at the pet shop said to make sure that I mist the emclosure 2-3 times a day, however when I do this with a sraybottle the Chameleon seems to run for its life is that a normal thing? I plan on buying a mister in the near future Im just looking around and pricing right now.(any suggestions) Also I have read that when they are shedding they dont eat as much but I havent seen this guy eat at all is that a huge problem? Thanks for any help.
What kind of chameleon did you purchase? When you mist your cage with a sprayer do you mist your chameleon directly? Typically, they do not like to be sprayed. When you spray, mist the leaves in the cage for him to drink off of, rather than misting the chameleon. And 3 times a day is a good average, and make sure you mist very well so he has plenty of drinking source from the plants in your cage. You have plants?
Also, chameleons will eat when shedding. Try to give us some more information about your setup, feeding, lighting, size of cage, etc. That will give us more idea of how to help you.
It is a Veiled that I purchased. When misting I dont spray him directly just all over the vines and sticks in the tank. I do not have any real plants in with him.
My setup is
TANK-Terrarium 18"x18"x24"
LIGHTING- Heating lamp is one 100 watt bulb in a clam lamp and a 18" UV lamp
FEEDING- Crickets only as of right now although I may try other things is he wont eat those(I did notice that when I had the cricket holder next to the tank he headed straight to them)
It's funny I have SweetPeea who runs for the misting and my new panther who just sits there and closes his eyes and loves every minuet of being sprayed. Maybe it's what they get use to when they are babies.:confused:

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