Misting Systems and Tap Water (can it be done)?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by artgecko, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. artgecko

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    Hello all,
    I am in the process of tweaking my first chameleon setup and had a question regarding misting systems. I have always shied away from using automated misters because of the need to use RO water to prevent the system breaking down over time. In my local area, there are no sources for RO water and I would not want to invest in the cost of an RO system for my own use.

    I know that it is the buildup of elements and minerals in tap water that cause a mister to break down, but wanted to know if there were any other solutions to this issue (other than RO water) and / or if anyone knows how long a system would typically last before this happens.

    As it stands, I am planning on doing hand misting in addition to a room humidifier and drip system, but if this proves to not be enough, I may have to go the automated route and want to know what my options are on that end.

    I appreciate your time and help.
  2. PJK

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    You don't NEED RO water. It is just recommended because it doesn't have as much particulate or as high a mineral content as tap water. Its not like it will bust your system in a few days, just over time, you will get more mileage out of your system if you use RO or distilled water. I know lots of members run it through their systems primarily without issue. A lot has to do with how hard your local water is. You can see what your local water quality is like online as it gets tested yearly. I use tap water in a pinch, but other than that I just buy distilled water from the grocery store.
  3. broderp

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    I just go to wally world and buy distilled water.
  4. walzy444

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    You can use regular tap water through a misting system.. if you have a ton of crap in your water then your nozzels will clog.. depends how clean your tap water is.. at my house i have 150PPM (parts per million of stuff floating..) at my moms, her water is 60PPM.. much cleanerrr. If clogged and spraying in random directions, they can be soaked in vinegar to clean out the sediment and stuff.. and blown out with air after..(Kind of like how Kurig coffee machines tell you to run vinegar thro the lines every few months to clear out the sediment from tap water build up, then run again with water to flush the vinegar) or you can just replace the mister heads.. but that will take a whileee to clog them up...unless you have chunks of rust floating in your water haha I mean you could even just get the brita water filters that attaches to your sink or one of those pitcher type water filters if you are that concerned and that will take some of the stuff out obviously not all like an RO would... I have an RO and i only use it for water changes for my fish tank.. it filters water so slow id have to have it running constantly to fill buckets for a mister system.. kinda insane.. my RO makes 35 gallons per day...
  5. walzy444

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    you can have your water tested at a pool or spa store to see how clean it is.. or get a TDS meter on ebay for pretty cheap and it will tell you what the PPM of Total Dissolved Solids in your water :cool:
  6. artgecko

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    This makes me feel better about the possibility of investing in an auto misting system. I'm sure I can call my local water authority and find out how many TDS are in our water here and using a vinegar / air treatment on the misting heads sounds like a good solution as well.
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  8. Angelwolf

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    This is a very informative thread! I live in an area that has a community well, which is treated with chlorine (sometimes too much!). We have a LOT of calcium in it. In fact, despite cleaning with vinegar and such, we still go through coffee makers about every 6-12 months! They just get so built up that nothing works anymore, and then it needs replaced. I think that when I eventually get a mist king, i will be buying distilled water for it.
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  9. Tackett

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    I would go have your water tested to see what's in it before you entertain this idea. You may get the results and not want to drink it yourself...
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  10. Angelwolf

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    My hubs used to be on the water board for our community, so I actually do know what's in it. :) And, no. I don't trust it for my pets or my fish. (90g saltwater tank). And we drink filtered water, mostly.
  11. Tackett

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    Well if you mist with it, I'm sure home boy/girl will drink it, so I wouldn't do it.

    Don't you have an RO for that tank? Just use that.
  12. opheliaeatsbugs

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    Was at Home Depot this week and they have free water tests you can pick up. Fill up the container and send it using their prepaid envelope. I'm curious to see what the results are.
  13. Tackett

    Tackett New Member

    Oh wait, I got you confused with the OP. My reply was towards the OPs question.
  14. Graves923

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    Filtering the tap water through a water filter such as Brita or any other brand will help prevent build up on the nozzles too.
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