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I recently got the lllreptile mister moister. I love it very well because it gets the job done but it really stresses my young cham when it goes off because how loud it is. So anyways i am looking to getting a new one that is very quiet and not terribly strong to where they don't like it. Any ways what system to guys know of that is the best for not being stressful and can run for long periods of time. (also easy to set up and looks nice)
go with a mist king! you can just type mist king into the search here and read the satisfied posts from mist king owners. Plus the customer service is the most amazing i've ever dealt with, you have a question or problem, Marty will be there asap to help
ok does your cham have ears? because my chams deaf? i thought all chams were death???....whats going on here?!
seriously, though, you can make anything look nice if u have the time and money. lol. i'm sure it's his age-when my chams were young and not used to the mistking-even now sometimes-they jump...tell me if u had no sense of time(as a watch-like a timer) and you were just doing your thing-and all of a sudden water starts coming out of a manmade device-not from the sky which instinct is all you knew-would you not pee on yourself? :p. he should get used to it or at least know to stay away from that area. but you never know.
Yeah thats very true..And its also true that chameleons are mostly deaf, only able to hear vibrations that are 200hz-600hz depending on the species of chameleon, for example lowland species have better hearing capabilities than highland species.
ya how i have i set up right now is right in the center poking down... he doesn't have much of a place to hide. But i did just get a pothos plant which i am gonna put in a spot where he can take cover in. If he is getting scared though should i continue to mist like this, or should i mist with with a mist bottle until he is a little older?
Mist king

First of all I would like to comment some of you guys can be pretty rude to newcomers. Ok chameleons don't have ears but I bet they have a way to sense vibrations especially in the low frequency ranges so its a good bet that a really loud misting system may upset them ears or no.

Go with the mist king. If you need to reduce the power of the spray head you can get a valve and put it in-line with the spray head so you can dial down the spray. I do this with my Emerald tree Boas. You can also use clips to attatch the hose to the cage and or use foam insulation to reduce vibration. Any slack in the tubes usually causes them to vibrate againts things and is where most of the noise comes from.
HerpMist isn't around anymore.

I was looking at getting this system with the rain dome....


Marty @ Mist King has good customer service but is in Canada. AquaZamp is in the US with US-made parts. (The Pump says made in the USA in the picture! :p)
Nice photo syn. Where did you find it as I see nothing on the website.
What does a system like that cost and how does the rain thing work?
Does it come with a timer?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm just to lazy to contact kevin.

He showed me on MSN a while ago, I just posted it to facebook haha and when he was at the PHX show a few weeks back I saw the system.
It's here I think http://aquazamp.com/misting/basic-raindome-misting-kit

As far as the system goes I don't remember cost, something like 140 with timer, I'm sure it's less without, there is a page on the rain dome somewhere there.
Thank you so much Syn.
I did a search for the rain dome on the site and it showed up and explained how it works.

Silly website doesn't show easy to use links...at least on my blackberry. At least I found out how it works by using the search on the site.

Personally, since my panther Splat hates it when I hand mist, yet doesn't mind a dripper that much, this could be a great product for him.

I might have to try this in February...gata get new eyeglasses in January, and my monthly budget is ultra tight.

Don't get me wrong. My 4 Quads would love to thank Marty some day for the Mistking system that works wonders for them.
But for a single cage that the animal hates getting wet and only drinks from a dripper, this could be just what I'm looking for.

i was talking to kevin from aquazamps (really cool guy) i think i am going to get one of there systems at the pomona california reptile expo comming up :D
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