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Hello I am sorry if you have all answered this question before but I need to make sure I am doing this right.

I mist my veiled chameleon (male) 3 times a day. I do 2, 3 minute mists and 1, 5 minute one. (I hand mist) I also have a dripper running. Does this sound about right? The reason I ask is because I have noticed a tiny bit of yellow creeping into Gizmo's urates. They are mainly white and the yellow is just at the end. Is this normal?

I am typing this thinking that I am sounding a bit paranoid but I lost my 1st chameleon because he was sick but he also became severely dehydrated. I just want to make sure I am doing right by Gizmo and make changes if they are needed before it is too late. Thank you for reading.


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Dont worry much if urates are not always snow white.
Anything containing water soluble vitamines, additives, flavorings, etc. in
the food will taint the urates.

Have you ever taken a vitamine pill and pee'd bright yellow or orange?? :eek:

Same thing.

Suppliments like Repashy Calcium + contain paprika concentrate, which is
water soluble and will taint the urates orange or light red.

Also, Yemen chams dont need as much misting as some people think.
They are from drier reagions of the mountains in the middle east.

If you keep a dripper going all day, just a misting in the morning, and one in the evening should be fine.
I only mist mine when I get home from work, and I dont have him on the MistKing either.
Just the dripper.
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