Might be Stupid??!!!


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I have a question and it might be stupid but why not throw out there anyway. Is there any reptile health insurance out there like they have for dogs? It will be easier on the wieght on the bills from the vet.
There is so much misinformation still out there about chameleons that insuring their health from afar sure seems like it would be a poor business decision unless they just don't cover anything caused by husbandry issues or parasites in wild caughts. I tried www.petinsurance.com and their automated system. I entered the details for insuring a 2 year old "chameleon." It doesn't ask for anything other than family of reptile. And the quote was $7 with a $2 processing fee for a total of $9 a month. If anyone goes through with it, I'd like to hear the full details of the policy....
I don't know I might call because I have a lot of bills to pay lol it would be hard. Vets bills are pricey and I would pay whatever for my pets, but it leaves holes in your pocket. I know its a responsibility when you own a pet it but any help would count lol. Lets see maybe some other members have some other ideas. Thanks for your response I'm going to check that site out now.
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