Metabolic Bone Disease?

Enzo Veiled

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Please help. I don't know if my Cham had MBD and I'm a paranoid pet owner when it comes to things like this. It may be slight but I don't know if I have anything to really worry about. image.jpg


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The photo isn't particularly clear but nothing alarming jumps out at me. A better photo would help though :)


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Does not look like he has MBD to me. Make sure he has all his supplements and uv and he will be fine
You can read all about MBD in this health section- in the top of every sub forum there are 2-4 threads called stickys with all of the main topics explained thoroughly and with pictures. If you can't find any of the info in these threads feel free to ask away but it's very unlikely you won't be able to find your answer.
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