Mean Vs. Scared


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I've seen lots of "mean" chameleons lately on social media. I think it's important that we understand that a "mean" chameleon is, 90% of the time, a scared chameleon. Sure -- some chameleons may have a temperament that they are always a bit grumpy or "unapproachable" (as my boss describes me,) but the response we see in a lot of "mean" animals is a reaction percieved threat. (ask ANY pitbull rescue)

I know this is understood by most keepers here, but I'm frustrated with some of what I've seen about "mean" chameleons.

Reminder: The animals we keep don't owe us affection. We owe them responsible keeping.

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I only have teens now but it seems like the aggression towards people fades as they mature. Can you more seasoned owners validate this?
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