Meal Worms...Breeding?


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What Types Of Enviornments & Containers Do You Use When Raising & Holding Bugs. I Buy Things Of Mealworms & Could Use Information On Mass Producing These Babies! I Did Notice Some Worms That Spent A While In Cage Started Becomming Very Plump And I Guess Evolving. I've Also Noticed Beatles Before Is This What Meal Worms Grow Up To Be?
so you just raise them to turn into beetles are do they keep producing young and you weed them out when they are too old?

& Where Do You Purchase Your Meal Worms & At What Stage Of Life?
all i do is remove old fruit and remove dead beetle and add meal when needed they grow and reproduce on there own i also take out what i need when i feed my animals treats regular mealworm are the best for breeding i order them as mealworm at about 1/2-1" larva stage and let them grow. i had at one point all my mealworm turn to beetle and now i have baby worms again. i order them from a company that only ship to florida but there are a lot of company that sell mealworms
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