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Hello everyone,

I've recently acquired a six month old Veiled Chameleon. I've always wanted one but, until recently, hesitated for various reasons. Two weeks before I purchased my new cham, I stumbled upon this site. You all have been a gold mine of information and have become an indispensable resource for me.
So I simply would like to thank all of you who have contributed vital chameleon information to this site.

I'll be posting pictures soon!
LOL I like your sig. :D

Where in GA are you located? I just spent the last month in Duluth/Lawrenceville/Buford area. Very pretty state you guys have, even with the rain and snow, I was LOVING IT!
I actually live close to the areas you listed! Yeah, it's OK here in GA. I really hate the summer humidity, but my cham will most certainly love it. :)
Yeah... that is what I was trying to figure out... how warm and nasty will it be in the summer. I figure most modern homes and apts. have A/C and I live in SoCal... I know how to deal with heat, just not humidity AND heat.

I keep mountain species mostly, so keeping them below 85 is paramount in the summer. Luckily they like it wet, so misting works well at keeping them cool.

Welcome to the Forum and glad it's been of help for you!
Welcome Home, put your feet up and settle in a comfortable chair, CF family is here 24/7.
I love this forum, I aint moving out till they carry me out in a box!
I knocked at the door 2 yrs ago and never left! :)
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