male veiled seems restless


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so my 6 month old male veiled has been extremely restless the past few days almost seems like he is trying to break out of his cage digging at the screen he also is getting ready to shed any day. have any of you see this behavior in males before??
Could be due shedding or something else. might be nothing to worry about.
Can you provide as much info as possible about the lizard and its cage.
Sure he is a 6 month old male male veiled cham his cage is 18X18X36 for lighting he has a 5.0uvb reptisun tube and a 50watt uva.
humidity stays between 70 and 80% I have a drip system and mist 3 times a day.
Diet eats crickets (dusted with calcium without d3) super worms silk worms and sometimes horn worms
there is no substrate in his cage
thats about it
you basic husbandry seems fine. I think sometimes we read into things more than we need to! Some of us cham keepers tend to be worry warts, myself included!!!
My 6 week male veiled cruises all day long recently. after his first shed he just climbs everywhere. if nothing else seems off, then hes prob fine.
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