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Male veiled chameleon. 4 months old. This little one eats from my hand, or cup, or chopsticks/tweezer! Always curious as to what you are doing. Would make a wonderful pet. He is $150 plus shipping. My website will automatically calculate shipping for you and has triple buyer (and seller) protection. Shop with safety. :) Sire is the adult male pictured.
I'm not going to purchase this guy I just think he is a very beautiful veiled!! If I was a veiled cham guy I would purchase him!!
Thank you. That is kind. Let your friends know. I have too many chameleon and am looking to put them in new homes. These few first.
Shipping price is calculated at checkout. We ship Tuesday and Wednesday overnight FedEx express. See how we pack our chameleons here. We will ship you your new chameleon friend once we have contacted you and verified the details you provided during checkout, that the date for shipping works for you, and that you are all setup and ready to go. We will gladly answer any questions and give advice if needed. :)
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