male veiled chameleon

  1. CharlesYamaguchi

    US Male High Translucent Veiled Chameleon

    Male veiled chameleon. 4 months old. This little one eats from my hand, or cup, or chopsticks/tweezer! Always curious as to what you are doing. Would make a wonderful pet. He is $150 plus shipping. My website will automatically calculate shipping for you and has triple buyer (and seller)...
  2. what'd you call me?

    what'd you call me?

  3. C

    nice veiled cham pics, now I want a jacksons!

    My male veiled cham is doing great, got him in march at an expo. Hes still eating good and is even drinking out of the cantina. He gets pissy when we take him out but after a minute he calms down. If we feed him every other day, the second day he will start scratching at the cage door like...
  4. C

    Got my Cham! ReptiB. XL setup photos

    I'm SOOOO Excited! I finally got the cham I was looking for! Went to the reptile show and saw lots of baby chams (most which I was unfamiliar with) they did have some panthers, nosey be females, and a jackson but I found the Jewel! Perched on the display rack of supplies was a big and handsome...
  5. LLLReptile

    Growth progress

    Barney the angry Veiled Chameleon at just about 3 months. Gonna be quite a big boy! -Jen
  6. mirrinias

    Interesting behavior from my chameleon

    Hi everyone, today I encountered a behavior from my 1 year old male veiled that I've never seen before! I took him outside with me while I took the trash out, and on the way back in, Jean-Luc looked at me head on, puffed out his chin as far as he could, and did a weird little head jiggle at...
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