m getting scared!!!

ok so for a week now my cham will dig in her box but not lay her eggs...its 18x12x18 and I have organic soil without any additives..no fert nothing...she digs holes and leaves them there...today if she digs I will leave the holes where they are instead of covering them back up...maybe she is tireded fom all the digging and will go back down later to lay her eggs..idk just a guess..but im getting scared I don't want her to become bound any suggestions
Jou should just leave te tunnels as they are, my veiled just came out of laying an infertile clutch and she spend a WEEK diging her tunnel, i think if you did not cover up her original tunnel se would of layed her eggs alredy
Yea, just relax and let her do her thing. Don't let he see you watching and donT do anything to the bin except keep it moist if it dries out. But all the time that she's digging is good. She's just trying to get her tunnel how she wants it.
my cham keeps digging weirdo holes about one inch all over her cage and is really lethargic. the last time she laid infertile eggs it took her a week and a half and then never wanted anything to do with the bin again. dont worry about it.
Lethargic is never good, and I think requires an immediate trip to the Vet. But a female that is active, strong, and alert is good.
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