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My dear, sweet MBD-boy, Nacho, always 'difficultly' (I'm an English teacher, I know that's not a real word, LOL) positions himself to see my darling girl, Baby. She sleeps facing down in Right part of photo and he puts himself in an odd position to always face her in the evening. You can't tell by photos but I have a divider and there is an inch on this edge of enclosures where they can see each other. She's chooses to sleep there and he awkwardly positions himself there. Their noses will be just a couple inches away from each other for the whole evening and night.

He is a 'recovering' MBD boy and it's sooooo weird to see him get in this position. But he does it EVERY night when she moves in her comfortable sleeping spot. I often go to his enclosure to upright him, or put him back on branches during the day, but somehow he has the will and strength to fuss around into this position.

What do you guys think of this? It breaks my heart, in an endearing way, like he's so in love with her that he forces he's funky bones to nuzzle her at night.

Goodness, us humans put all our emotions on our darlings. But this is what separates us from animals.


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