Lost tonails


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I just did my monthly inspection of my cham today and noticed that two of his toe nails are missing. It is probably from all the screen climbing that he is doing. I'm still arranging his cage so that he doesn't grab the screen. I think I might have to totally cover one side with hanging leaves/vines in order to get him to stop. He is an eight month old veiled. Will his toenails ever grow back?
I could be wrong...but I don't think they do.

My veiled is over a year now and he's missing one nail. I'm not sure how or when he lost it. Its been missing since he was about six months old or so. He also climbs on the screen of his cage a lot though, and other then that one missing nail, he's fine.
yep they do grow back but it takes from 6 to 12 months ...
i had the sam situation and now they (toe nails) r in place ...
just wate
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